Fleetwood Mac: a gaping hole in music biopicdom.

Someone stole my Fela Kuti movie idea, which sucks.  Actually, I had a different angle on it, so they didn’t totally steal it.  Wanna hear the pitch?  Okay.  Here it is:

TWO biopics at the same time, one about Paul McCartney finding his voice post-Beatles, the other about Fela Kuti’s rise to fame after his discovery of black power in his abortive first US tour.  It follows the ups and downs of the next three years of their lives, ending with resolution of the confrontation between Macca and Kuti as they sit around, listening to Band on the Run together (which I think actually happened).  I would love to see this movie, so please someone with power and influence and creativity steal my idea.

I’m not here to talk about my Kuti/Macca movie.  I want to discuss the fact that nobody has made a Fleetwood Mac movie yet.  I may have talked about this at Idolator, but the question needs to be raised again.  Why has this not happened?  The Fleetwood Mac story is ripe for a cinematic imagining: sex, coke, cults, nose candy, sex, blow, rock stardom, cocaine…it has everything.

You could start with the Peter Green days and have some drama.  Jeremy Spencer joined a cult mid-tour!  Then Buckingham/Nicks join up and the band switches gears.  Lindsey sleeps with Stevie.  Stevie sleeps with John.  Mick sleeps with Stevie.  Lindsey sleeps with other folks.  Christine…well, I’m not sure what she did and she wrote “Oh Daddy” and that song creeps me the heck out, so let’s not talk about her right now.  And, good God, the drug use!  Plus: great music, big career ups (Rumours), downs (Tusk…if that can be considered a “down”), solo careers, triumphant reunion.  This thing just writes itself…it should be a miniseries!

For some reason I think that Jeremy Sisto would make a good Lindsey Buckingham.  Not to be sexist here, but whoever plays Stevie Nicks has to be a real looker.  Matos once remarked to me that Stevie Nicks was “illegally hot” when she was young, and, yeah, that about nails it.  Christine Perfect/McVie…I wanna say Michelle Williams, but I have no idea why I feel that way.  John McVie?  I don’t know.  Just have some actor grow a beard and wear shades.  Nobody really knows what he looks like anyway.  There was a time where Harry Shearer from Spinal Tap, though short, was a dead ringer for Mick.  Now?  Hmm.  Somebody with bug eyes.  Rhys Ifans?

Hollywood: I’m Rumpelstiltskin over here, spinning you solid gold where once was straw.  Do not sleep on this.


Lucas Jensen

What are y’all’s casting ideas for a Fleetwood Mac movie?

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  1. mackro answered: Bret Michaels (of Poison fame) plays Stevie Nicks
  2. emilygould answered: This is kind of out there but Mélanie Laurent from Inglorious Basterds could pull it off, if she could be taught to not have a French accent
  3. teenageart answered: You know Courtney Love wants a time machine so she could de-age and be Stevie.
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    Part of me is totally for this idea, but the other part is worried that somebody like Lindsay Lohan or Ke$ha would end...
  5. natepatrin answered: Not a casting thing, but there NEEDS to be a scene depicting their reaction to the proposed cover for ‘Mystery to Me’.
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